Dealing with difficult people

We’ve all met them; people who suck the joy right out of your day from the moment they walk through the door.

Some people can be a handful and once you realise that their motive is not to solve a problem but make it worse, it’s okay to let it go and move on.

They are annoying, small-minded and difficult and act like a pimple on the backside of humanity that you just want to lance with a heated needle. Unfortunately, they are our neighbours, co-workers, classmates, even family members and so we have to learn to live with them as prison is no place to be, especially in a pandemic!

So how to you cope with these soul-suckers? You first have to accept them for who they are and how they are. Unless they have a come-to-Jesus moment, people rarely change so take them at face value and do not stress over. You know you don’t have to like them and chances are your face has already conveyed this so keep conversations short and as neutral as possible.

Not all situations will end amicably, you have to know what’s worth fighting for and over.

State your need and do not let them talk over you. Some of these difficult people can also be manipulative so try not to fall for the foolishness. If they get loud and aggressive or start showing out, pause to process the negative behaviour but do not engage.

 If they get disrespectful, avoid ‘tit for tat’ behaviour as then you’d be sinking to their level. When they get fresh, as hard as it for not to tell them some choice words, remain calm. This will show others witnessing the exchange that you’re not the aggressor and are not in the wrong. After that, their credibility will have more holes than your grandmother’s favourite ‘duster’! Stick to the facts and never let them see you sweat.