Delomar reignites debate about kissing, asks if it’s okay to smooch son on jaw

Delomar and daughter from new video Affi Make It

Dancehall artiste Delomar reignited the kissing debate after he shared a video of himself smooching his son on the jaw.

The thirty-second-long video opens with the artiste standing over a stove frying plantains, as his son utters the words “Don’t ever do that again,” while laughing.

“Don’t do what,” asks Delomar as he engages his son in a playful wrestling match accompanied by plenty of grinning with the duo later erupting into bouts of laughter.

“Don’t kiss you pon yuh jaw; you a me son, me suppose to can kiss me son,” Delomar said.

Delomar, who shared the video on Instagram, threw the question out to his followers asking whether it was appropriate to kiss his son on the jaw.

Many in responding to the post said that it was an appropriate way to express parental love, noting that it was perfectly normal for parents to kiss their children.

“Not a thing nuh wrong wid dat👏👏👏👏👏, “ said on IG user, who was among the first to react to the post.“Nothing nuh wrong me G. As a father we need our young General to know his Dad love him ,” added another.

However, others were not so sure, noting that after a certain age, children felt embarrassed by their parents kissing them.

“ Maybe it would be okay if it were a girl, but after certain age, i don’t think parents should kiss their kids it is embarrassing,”said one woman on Facebook.

“ Ahh, I dunno, I feel after five and them baby age deh it kinda of weird, “ added another.

In many European cultures it is customary to kiss individuals on the jaw as a sign of respect.

Delomar, who is a dad of four, recently featured both his son and daughter in his new single Affi Mek It