Derron Wright: Former athlete turns to photography after major injury

Photographer Derron Wright says his first love was track and field. (Photos: Contributed)

Derron Wright’s mind was set on being a track star. But besides the competitive races and strenuous exercises that he had to do, something else got his adrenaline pumping – photography.

“I think  I’ve always had an interest in photography. From when I was young, my father was interested in it, but he didn’t pursue it professionally. I’ve always been taking pictures and using photoshop and stuff like that,” he said. 

Denyque is one of the many persons that Derron Wright has taken photos of.

Much-needed source of income

But that’s all it was, a hobby. However, when he got injured and lost his track scholarship with the University of Technology, this hobby became a much-needed source of income.

“I asked my mother if she could help me buy a camera, and she asked me if I could use it and help me feed myself. At first it was a bit rough, but it took off,” he said. 

“After losing my scholarship, I used this (photography) and my parents help to finish university. I didn’t have to take out a student loan or anything like that.”

Derron Wright got his big break after he did this photoshoot with Asafa Powell.

Big break

Wright managed to more than just “feed himself”. In 2016, he got his break when he did a photoshoot for Jamaican athlete Asafa Powell.

“He was always my favourite athlete since primary school, but I never met him. I started UTECH right after he left,” he said.

‘After losing my scholarship, I used this and my parents help to finish university, I didn’t have to take out a student loan or anything like that,’


The keen and composed photographer was also responsible for the photo of Asafa with his newborn baby lying on his back.

“When he called me, he called me to do a photoshoot of the baby only. We got a few shots and we were there and I was on Pinterest and saw a similar photo, and mi kinda boost him up fi him dweet,” Wright said.

This photo of Asafa Powell and his son that Derron Wright took broke the Internet a few weeks ago.

In addition to Asafa, Wright has done photoshoots for Jamaican artistes Charly Black and Denyque. He also did a product photoshoot for Total Gas Station. In between photoshoots, Wright said that he does weddings.

This picture of Charly Black was taken by Derron Wright.


Interestingly, Wright is self-taught, as the only help he got was through YouTube.

“I watched a lot of YouTube videos, and I practised a lot. I started shooting my close friends, and I used to message people on Instagram, asking if they wanted to shoot, some said yes, some did not respond,” he said, chuckling. 

Weddings are one of Derron Wright’s favourite thing to shoot.

Now at 25 years old, Wright is a full-time photographer, and he is focused on perfecting his art.

“I don’t think I’m good at posing, so I try to get the person to be comfortable and try to do stuff that they’d normally do and try to capture that moment,” he told BUZZ.