Desi Ranks hopes to get big boost with ‘Medina’

Canadian reggae artiste Desi Ranks is confident that his new single, Medina, will give him a breakthrough in the music industry.

Reggae artiste Desi Ranks

“This song is generating a nice buzz. Everywhere I go people are telling me that they love it. I’m also getting a lot of calls from people in Jamaica about it, and a lot of fans are reaching out to me about it on social media,” he said.

Medina was produced by Tasjay James Smith and released on the Outta Jamaica Riddim compilation album on June 26 on the Tasjay Productions label.

“This song is generating a nice buzz.”

— Desi Ranks

Since then the song has enjoyed strong rotation on several local radio stations.

“This single is getting a lot of airplay in Jamaica, and it’s also picking up in other places too including Canada, the US, Africa, Europe and Japan,” said the artiste.

Desi Ranks was inspired to write the song about Medina, which is a popular Jamaican herb, after a personal experience.

“The first time I drank Medina tea was about a year ago. When I drank it, I noticed I got a boost in energy. So, from then on I always drink it. Medina is very good, especially for males,” said Desi, who is also promoting a six-track EP called Big Dreams.