Devon House Bakery: Not the regular patty pilgrimage

Oozing authentic Jamaican flavour, Devon House Bakery’s signature curry goat patty (Photo: Instagram @DevonHouseBakeryOfficial)

Devon House is fast-becoming a gastronomy playground with its mix of restaurants and bars that offer from breakfast to nightlife, from savoury to sweet.

In 2010, Mother’s Enterprises took over The Brick Oven location and renamed it Devon House Bakery. Although the Mother’s franchise is known as a fast-food chain that offers the regular patty, Devon House Bakery is the home to the elite of patties.

The handcrafted pyramids of goodness have won the heart of many and hold a special place of ‘must-haves’ for visitors. Jamaicans consume hundreds of thousands of the flat, half-mooned flaky pastries filled with spiced beef every day.

However, at Devon House Bakery, the favourites were always the lobster & shrimp patties.

Breaking into a Devon House Bakery patty is an experience that warms your senses even before satisfying your taste buds.

The signature-shaped sturdy crust serves as the perfect tiny carrier for the super-chunky filling that is more reminiscent of a pot pie than the traditional minced filling of the regular patty. Every bite is satisfying and conveys value for money.

They have even taken into consideration the disappointment of the seasonality of lobster and introduced the super popular curried goat patty. It was an instant hit and it took four separate visits to taste it as they were always out.

Even though you no longer smell freshly baked products from the rustic brick oven, Devon House Bakery’s current approach is to tantalise the eyes with a wide range of local pastry and super-moist exotic cakes. It is impossible to walk in with the intention to walk out with just a patty.

“Dat nah guh happen, dat will neva happen.”

To further cater to our sweet addiction the recently opened Devon House Bakery Too (DHB Too) located beside the Devon House Bakery you can say it predominantly dedicated to sweet treats.

They have amped up the traditional bread pudding and have created the Mocha Chocolate Bread Pudding.

The bread pudding muffin is served with a healthy mound of whipped cream that just cuts through what could easily be a too-sweet dessert but sits pretty with a great cup of coffee for a late afternoon pick-me-up.

Let’s also take a second to appreciate the lemon meringue & coconut cream pies, that silky feeling on the tongue offering adequate sweet all sitting on a soft flaky puffy pastry crust.

The ideal pie at any location can be the reason for multiply return visits. As for the lovers of cheesecakes, they have you covered with the red velvet, rum and raisin & oreo cookie varieties.

If you have tried it yet, the Devon House Bakery is the ideal place to try something speculator any day of the week.