Dexter 3D Pottinger Foundation unveils hidden collection

Remembered as an icon, a multifaceted creative genius who cultivated the creative industry phenomenally, fashion aficionado, Dexter 3D Pottinger was brought back to life as close friends and family commemorated his birthday through the launch of his youth mentorship programme and the unveiling of his last creative garments titled as “Free”.

The gathering was held on November 6, 2019, at the Terra Nova All Suite Hotel in Kingston, Jamaica with host, Debbie Bissoon.

Debbie Bissoon

It has been two years since the passing of Dexter, who was on a pursuit to transform the creative landscape in Jamaica. He was widely known for his bold and fierce attires, which awarded him the unicorn title.

Dexter envisioned a collection that encapsulated a Caribbean cultural embodiment of an individual’s ability to freely navigate their environment in garments that reflected their true identities – Free.

Kaysian Wilson, one of the board members of the Foundation shared that Dexter’s unseen collection was based on providing a channel that allows others to feel liberated and empowered in their own spaces for their life choices.

Free is just androgyny, feeling free in your space to wear dresses if you were a boy and suits if you were a girl and just expressing that level of freedom in whatever way you want. It was also his Caribbean collection to do for the hotel shops. It was a collection that he would have done as his resort collection,” she said.

Keneea Linton-George, the creative force behind Mission Catwalk gave the keynote address where she highlighted the pivotal efforts displayed by Dexter. While adding, the industry has truly lost an integral being and others can only emulate his efforts but will never replace his authentic character.

“There has been no one like him before and I don’t think there will be anyone like him.”

— Keneea Linton-George
Keneea Linton-George

“The creative landscape in Jamaica needed someone like Dexter. There has been no one like him before and I don’t think there will be anyone like him. We can only inspire others to be as great or different for their own greatness in the creative field,” she expressed.

Anikea Repole Wilson, a board member of the Foundation, disclosed that it was the opportune time to exhibit Dexter’s hidden collection and launch his Foundation which conflated with his birthday celebration.

“The timing is right, the Foundation board members and all close friends and family of Dexter have been in mourning up until this point and no better time than the present, it was just time to launch the Foundation, celebrate his birthday and showcase an unseen collection,” she shared with BUZZ.

The Foundation will continue Dexter’s legacy in advancing the creative ecosystem through its mandate and are imploring the public to join the Foundation through pledges.

“So, we hope that it is well received, and we hope that the public also is ready and willing to help the Foundation in its mandate in elevating creativity,” she added.

The runway collection had the crowd oozing as the models eloquently and fiercely owned the pieces. The unseen collection of Dexter morphed masculinity and femininity into a shocking effortless way.

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