DHQ Carlene gives Jasmine Deen’s dad a Father’s Day gift

Visually impaired university student Jasmin Deen has been missing since February 27,2020

Sunday marked the second Father’s Day that Lloyd Deen spent without his daughter Jasmine, the visually-impaired University of the West Indies student who was last seen on February 27, 2020.

Dancehall Queen and philanthropist Carlene Smith visited him on Saturday with a JMD$40,000 cash donation from her and some friends from Canada.

“I was hoping to bring that ‘yes we found her and we’re having a celebration’ but that’s not the case…” Smith said during a Live from his 11 Miles, St Thomas, residence. “Tomorrow is Father’s Day and there’s people in the world that still care, still fighting, still hoping and we just want to see how best we can make his Father’s Day not happier because there’s nothing happy about not having your child. We’re still hoping that she’s alive somewhere.”

Deen accepted the cash with thanks, adding that it was his first time meeting the public figure who he has followed since her rise in the 90s. Smith has also been doing some following of her own, saying she’s been keeping tabs on his daughter’s case. She enquired about the day the first-year college student disappeared.

Mental stress

Deen said he felt something was off about the day and didn’t want her to go to school.

“Sometimes mi rather she stay home, not even want her go out on the road cause mi nuh deh deh wid har,” he said. “Mi a go work di morning and mi ask her, like mi nuh want her go school dah day deh but mi couldn’t stop her cause she ready and mi left the money wid her bredda and her bredda follow her go bus stop.”

While two suspects have been charged since her disappearance, she is yet to be found.

“Sometimes mi not even like talk bout it… Mi really waan find har or mi waan find something weh can satisfy me cause when yuh fight so hard wid yuh youth dem, you alone, it nuh easy… A nuh like she gone bout her business or she go out. She a go school and she deh a di gate at her college so mi nuh understand, it hard. Mi cya get through it, mi cya sleep…”

The mental stress of the situation has forced Deen to stop working. He has two other daughters and a son, and has been a single parent since their mother died 15 years ago. Despite the struggles associated with the latter, Deen said he was always motivated because of his missing daughter.

“Sometimes mi not even like talk bout it… Mi really waan find har.”

Lloyd Deen

If she would have been home yesterday, his Father’s Day would have unfolded like this:

“She always buy mi something. She always cook. She mek mi feel like me’d a live a next 100 years, dah likkle girl deh. She motivate me.”

If you have any information on the whereabouts of Jasmine Deen, contact the nearest police station.