Diana King reveals her daughter was on a life support machine prior to her death

Jamaican singer Diana King has decided to shed some more light on the situation of her daughter’s recent passing.

Taking to Twitter, the ‘Shy Guy’ artiste revealed that a decision was made to take her thirty four year old daughter, Shalamar Diana Wright, off life support.

“Death keeps it real & puts things in perspective. I never imagined having to make the decision to either keep my daughter on permanent life support or allow her to pass naturally as the free spirit she was in peace & with dignity. I’m grateful the answer was clear,” she remarked including a hashtag of her daughter’s name.

She had previously announced that her daughter had died on August 5. In that post she had thanked her daughter for “choosing and blessing me with your beautiful soul”.

That led to a flurry of tributes from persons on social media.
As with a previous post in announcing the news of her daughter’s death, this post has also seen tributes pouring in. Media personality Simone Clarke-Cooper remarked “prayers for strength and comfort”

While Wayne Chen added, “this is so hard. Sincere condolences”.

Diana got pregnant with her only child when she was sixteen years old.

However she went on to have a glittering career, breaking through to become a mainstream artiste.