Did he ghost me or did we fizz out?

Ghosting is not fizzing guys. Have you ever met someone and you think, ‘wow, he could just be the one’; everything is going good, dates and fun moments together, and then the person just disappears. Literally out of nowhere, he or she just vanishes. That is ghosting.

Ghosting oftentimes takes place after a sexual encounter, or if you can manage to turn someone off so much that they don’t respond, or call you ever again – Yep! Ghosting. In the case of ghosting, one of the partners always assumes the blame or thinks about what went wrong.

Fizzing, however, is the new ‘non-break-up, break-up.’ Fizzing is when you meet someone and you guys kick it off from the start, dates, meeting friends and just cannot get enough of each other – it is like the perfect honeymoon phase. Couple months in the unofficial relationship, the texts get more bland and distant until one day the chat just dies out between you guys and you never speak again.

Image result for soda fizz

Fizzing is a perfect example of a soda. If you shake a soda can or bottle, and open it right after, it fizzes so much, a mess can be made from the spillover and then eventually the fizz wears out – dies down. This is exactly what happens in the relationship – the honeymoon phase passed and there is nothing left to talk about – so you stop talking to each other, and really no one partner feels bad.

Don’t be confused, if a guy or girl ghosts you, they obviously had no true intentions towards you. But fizzing is almost like a natural course – you just fall out of ‘like’ with the person.