Did The Simpsons predict the coronavirus?

Okay, here’s another reason to be completely weirded out by Fox’s longest running animated series-The Simpsons. The series is known for being quite the prophet and it appears that it predicted the coronavirus pandemic and the “murder hornets” that have made their way into the United States.

A 1993 episode titled “Marge in Chains” features a sick Asian worker sneezing on a shipment of juicers that many of the residents of Springfield wish to purchase. This kicks off an “Osaka Flu” outbreak. As people panic they knock over a truck they think has the cure, but instead demolish a crate marked “Killer Bees” which then swarm.

The murder hornets recently appeared in the Washington state and is apparently making its merry way into New York City, too. It’s the world’s largest hornet, at more than 2 inches long and apparently made their way to the US abroad a ship from China.

The murder hornet

This is not the first time that this animated series appeared to have predicted the future. Episodes from The Simpsons predicted Donald Trump’s Presidency, smart watches, Lady Gaga’s 2012 Superbowl performance, and Disney buying 21st Century Fox.