Ding Dong gives tips on how to give a woman a good gift

Dancehall entertainer Ding Dong
Dancehall artiste Ding Dong has offered up some advice to men on how to get gifts for the women in their lives.

Getting a gift for a woman isn’t a light undertaking. Luckily for men, deejay Ding Dong has offered some tips to prevent a dissatisfied belle and nights on the couch.

During the recent season finale of Magnum’s Spice It Up show, the married entertainer said the primary key to giving a perfect gift is paying attention to details.

“Sometimes we as men fall short because we feel like it is not macho fi know certain things.”

– Ding Dong

“I have to pay attention to what she like or if I hear her utter something like, ‘Yow, I waan dis’, she might say it months before the actual time weh yuh supposed to get the gift like a birthday or a Valentine’s or a Christmas. Yuh just waan pull har legs likkle bit and she utter something… ‘Yow yuh know seh mi like dah bag deh’, ‘Yow I seen a shoes’, but as a man yuh cya dwell pon it and seh, ‘Oh yuh like dah shoes deh fi real?’ “

He said men often fail to see the “little things” as because their minds are consumed by other things.

“Most a di times with females, dem nah go tell yuh weh dem want and dem expect yuh fi read between the lines,” he said. “Dem expect yuh fi hear weh dem probably utter… It kinda awkward fi men because sometimes you might a talk to me as my woman, not everything mi a go lock inna my head because inna my head mi a seh, ‘Mi haffi look how fi mek a $100,000’ and different things…even though yuh inna di conversation enuh. Wid woman now, yuh cya mek dat pass. If a woman a seh something, ‘yuh don’t pay attention, yuh don’t listen to details’…but yuh haffi understand seh mi a man.”

To make matters easier, Ding Dong urged men to at least know the various sizes worn by their woman.

“Unno haffi know unno woman shoe size, har panty size, har bra size, har skirt size, har jeans size because dem don’t like when yuh call dem and be like, ‘Babes, wah size yuh wear inna shoes again?’… When woman a buy fi you dem just buy and bring come gi yuh…dem a tell yuh seh dem know di size weh yuh wear… Sometimes we as men fall short because we feel like it is not macho fi know certain things.”