DJ Louie Styles: Shaping modern hip hop culture

DJ Louie Styles

Dj Louie Styles is currently one of the most recognized names in Hip Hop culture. The 27-year-old is being hailed as the producer who is helping to shape modern hip hop culture. Producing sounds that transcend and infuses different genres.

Styles is the mastermind behind some of the hottest mixes you’ve been listening to and the initiator of some of the top Hip Hop culture events.

The musical genius

He has worked on projects with hip hop stars like Fetty Wap, and Young Thug, while simultaneously growing his label, Loyalty Above Everything.

Styles explained that his success is rooted in his love for music, and reverence of its power to bring people together.

Priding himself on being someone who’s always open to learning new things, Styles is confident that his longevity in the industry is secured.

BUZZ caught up with DJ Louie Styles to find out more about the young musical genius.

Styles passion for music developed when he moved to New Jersey at 6-years-old

BUZZ: How did you become interested in music?

Louie Styles: I became interested in music when I received my first radio at the age of ten. This later led to me spending hours listening to the well known American radio station “Hot 97” on the late-night shows when DJs would mix.

I became intrigued with how songs would mix seamlessly and later led to me learning how to use a mixer. During this time I learned how to produce by messing around with a ring tone app on my mothers Nokia phone. My interest to produce stemmed from also seeing my sister play the piano in front of me all the time. 

BUZZ: How would you describe the music you produce?

Louie Styles: The music I produce is not one specific style. It was whatever I am in the mood for. My favourite genre of music is dancehall though. The first dancehall single I produced was Special ft. David Jay which I just released this month.

Styles named Vybz Kartel as one of his musical influences

BUZZ: Who are your musical influences?

Louie Styles: Some of my musical influences include – Kid Cudi, Vybz Kartel and DJ Drama.

BUZZ: What were some of the challenges that you encountered while trying to make your mark?

Louie Styles: The same others encounter when they are starting something new on the organizational side. Now it is a lot easier to operate what I’m trying to do with an amazing distribution platform that I am part of called “Vydia” and an amazing production team called “LAE Records”.

Developing new talent

BUZZ: What would you say is the biggest highlight of your career so far?

Louie Styles: The biggest highlight of my career so far would be working with new talent and developing new talent. This is one of my favourite things to do.

Styles success is rooted in his love for music

BUZZ: What have been some of the most memorable projects you’ve worked on?

Louie Styles: Some of my favourite projects include the “Up Next” mixtape which was Fetty Wap’s first mixtape that I put out on Spinrilla and Audiomack. The tape included the top hits Trap Queen and 679. Another favourite project of mine is the Before It All Started by Young Thug in 2014. The project was put out on Spinrilla and featured ten songs from Young Thug before he started buzzing like crazy.

BUZZ: What would you be doing with your life right now if you weren’t doing music?

Louie Styles: I was always into science so I would most likely be in the Astronomy field. 

Styles favourite thing to do is to develop new talent

BUZZ: What are the upcoming projects that you are working on?

Louie Styles: I have a project on the way with Fatboy SSE which is for my home state New Jersey. Fat Boy and I will be choosing a few artists from new jersey to feature on a tape that we will be putting out all over the internet. I also have a single on the way with The BoyBoy Westcoast coming soon for the summer.

BUZZ: What do you want your legacy in music to be?

Louie Styles: I hope to continue to be someone who can help music move forward as a whole and to help mould inspiring independent artists on the rise.