Do women dislike prettier women?

It’s a widely held belief that attractive women have it easier, a point which traditional and social media continue to reinforce.

It is a common belief that women hate on other women, especially those deemed prettier than they are. It’s said that they cannot work together and if you throw beauty into the mix it will become a catfight as women will pick each other apart mercilessly.

It may not be a wholesale fact but there definitely some elements of truth in it but why is this so? Why do women despise other those prettier than they are and why can’t we all just co-exist in a world where beauty really is a construct?

But why are attractive women often the target of other women?

Well that world is Utopia that we are all still searching for. People like to publicly state that it is one’s achievements and not looks that gets doors opened but we all know that is not true most of the time. ‘Unattractive’ people do have it easier, and this may be a reason some women hate on other women but it sure is not the only one.

Check out the list below and see if you agree:

1. They feel the prettier ones steal the spotlight: It is about who gets the attention.

2. It feeds on their insecurities: Some introspection would be useful right here.

3. They think they are vain and narcissistic: But you won’t know until you get to know them.

4. They feel you may steal their man: It is a legitimate concern.

5. They think their man will want to be with the prettier chicks: They could be right

6. They think you are obsessed with yourself/looks: But this is an assumption after all.  

7. It is pure jealousy: Underneath all of the issues is this is the main fuel for the fire.

8. They feel the pretty ones have a distinct advantage that they do not have.