‘Doc Ravers’: Balancing health, education and dancing

Dr Phillip ‘Doc Ravers’ Coombs

Dr. Phillip Coombs is a hard-working doctor, lively communicator — and he loves dancing.

Dr. Coombs, a Surgical Resident at Kingston Public Hospital, has become a social media personality, known as Doc Ravers. How did this happen?

It all started in rural Manchester. After graduating from the University of the West Indies in 2016, the young doctor worked in clinics in the parish as an intern.

“There was…a lot of information that was lacking amongst patients in the rural areas”

— Dr Phillip Coombs

Being a doctor is not just about procedures. It’s also about communicating with patients. And there, Dr. Coombs found some challenges.

“I noticed that there was…a lot of information that was lacking amongst patients in the rural areas,” he says. “There are a lot of myths out there,” he adds. One regular complaint was about “sinus.”

But, the truth is everybody has a sinus. The problem is sinusitis. His first video explained this, in his own words and personal, friendly style.

That video “evolved” says Dr. Coombs. It started to take off on social media with comments pouring in, thanking him for the simplicity of the explanation.

His next video was about “gas” (which is really simply abdominal pain, he explains), racked up over 33,000 views.

“Wow…That skyrocketed,” exclaims Dr. Coombs.

Since then, Dr Coombs has continued to create engaging videos which he says are inspired by his own experience in the medical fraternity and comments from his followers.

The response has been a “wonderful experience,” says Dr. Coombs. So many people have embraced his videos – and the information they offer.  

“I decided to take it to another level,” says the enthusiastic young surgeon (you can see him at work with his scalpel, on his Instagram page).

He is happy for support from social media personalities like Dutty Berry and entertainers such as Queen Ifrica who recently endorsed his comments about skin bleaching.

“It’s Edutainment,” said Dr. Coombs. “It’s two in one.” He believes in balance – working hard and playing hard, allowing time for both.

He enjoys going out dancing with his wife. “I love to free up!” he laughs. His name, Doc Ravers, is a tribute to his love of dancing and to entertainer Ding Dong’s dance group, Ravers.

Look out for our BUZZ feature video with ‘Doc Ravers’ soon.