Doctors say eyelash extensions are helping to spread lice

It seems ‘attention’ isn’t the only thing being drawn to eyelash extensions these days.

Doctors in the US are reporting an increase in the number of cases involving eyelash lice among people who wear eyelash extensions.

These tiny organisms officially called Demodex but better known as head lice, can survive on eye hair follicles as well as on the scalp.

Lice on eyelash extension (Photo:

These demons, (sorry, demodex), attached themselves to your eyelash extensions when they are not cleaned properly. And like any other lice, these are contagious.

If you are experiencing redness, itchiness and inflammation, then these might be clues that you are hosting a body of lice on your eyelashes.

Symptoms of lice in eyelash extensions (Photo:

So let me just stress again how important is it for you to clean those extensions, and your eyelids too. This can be done using the same soap you use to wash your face.

But if your eyelash extensions are already infected with lice, then using a tea tree oil can help to get rid of them; it is antibacterial.

Also BUZZ fam, the lashes generally last for about three to four weeks, so try not to be wearing the same lashes for five weeks. Doctors also recommend that you take periodic breaks from extensions.

This is vital for your eye health.