Does size really matter? For condoms, yes!

Finding the perfect fitting condom is often a matter of trying until you get the perfect one.

Condoms are the most widely used method of contraception and, as the seeming guardian of safe sex, its usage is akin to leaving your home with clean underwear in some cases. However, using it is one thing but does the size of the condom matter?

Because of stigma, some manufacturers do not want to necessarily label a condom ‘small’ because it might not make it off the shelves. They have to contend with the egos of men who would not be caught dead in a pharmacy or gas station buying something with ‘small’ on the package. They get around this with the inevitable ‘one size fits all’ labelling but this is not true. You may even say it’s false advertising.

A poorly fitting condom can not only cause discomfort, but may affect the user’s performance.

To answer the question, yes, the size does matter. What is the use of fitting something the size of a baby carrot into something meant for a full-sized cucumber? It is not only stupid but in wearing a product that is ill-fitting, it defeats its primary purpose of providing protection. If it slips off during sex, then you may be required to get a ‘morning after’ pill which can be expensive and comes with side effects.

Condom size is not only dependent on the length and girth of the phallus but also height, weight and body shape of the man which we know differs from person to person. The right size condom not only enhances the sexual act but also prevents discomfort and greatly reduces the possibility of breakage. If a man struggle to fit on a condom, performance anxiety can increase and he can lose his erection which is not cool.

Up to 20 per cent of condom failure is due to incorrect sizing, according to the findings of a study conducted by the Indian Council of Medical Research. Another international research body Lucky Bloke which polled 3,500 respondents from 28 nations found that 35 per cent of men actually needed a smaller than average condom size while 15 per cent needed a ‘large’. This is actually in keeping with the global male population where penis sizes run the gamut.

So, how will a guy know which size fits him? Much of it is trial and trial. He will have to try them on for size – literally. After measuring his erect member, he should try on different brands and sizes until he finds one that is snug but not tight. Nowadays, manufacturers produce condoms with a wide array of offerings so men can find some fun in experimenting.