Dominica among National Geographic’s 2021 destinations on the rise

Dominica is one of the 25 destinations on the rise for 2021, according to National Geographic.

No true discussion about travel can be had without mention of the Caribbean, and that’s true for National Geographic’s latest celebrated list.

On its ‘Destinations on the rise for 2021’, the region is represented by Dominica which is one of the magazine’s 25 “amazing places to inspire future journeys and remind us why we love to travel”.

About the island, National Geographic wrote, “The weathered mountains running down the spine of Dominica formed a natural shield, largely protecting the eastern Caribbean island, called Waitukubuli (“tall is her body”) by the Indigenous Kalinago, from colonial intrusions and overdevelopment.

“Left alone to thrive were leafy rainforest and a thrill-seeker’s dream collection of natural marvels: nine active volcanoes, 365 rivers, towering waterfalls, black sand beaches, and blistering-hot geothermal features like Boiling Lake, a flooded fumarole with water temperatures nearing 200°F (93.3°C).”

It further noted that adventure tourism plays a huge role in the climate resiliency push by creating jobs and an economic incentive to restore and protect Dominica’s greatest natural resource—its wild side.

Other destinations that made the cut include Katmai National Park, Alaska; Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Pueblo Nations, New Mexico.