Don’t hit your head on the way out: Piers Morgan returns to ‘Good Morning Britain’ to collect personal items

Piers Morgan made one final trip to the set of the Good Morning Britain to collect his things in cardboard boxes.

He had resigned from the show after he suggested Meghan Markle was lying about her mental issues which she disclosed during her interview with Oprah Winfrey.

Pier’s vitriolic criticism of Markle drew more than 57, 000 complaints from viewers, including one from the Duchess of Sussex herself.

Now, three weeks after his resignation, Piers was back in the ITV building. But it was only for a short while to pick up the items he left behind in his sudden exit.

To mark the occasion, Piers shared a snap of a number of taped up brown boxes piled up in his old dressing room.

Sharing his last goodbyes, Piers posted: “Goodbye, Good Morning Britain!”