Don’t panic, it’s just your first gray hair

You work out religiously, hardly consume alcohol, don’t smoke and avoid sugars, fat, gluten, carbs…pretty much everything that has flavour.

Going gray. Young woman shows her gray hair roots.

 But you get up one morning ready to take on the day ahead and your worst fear is now being realised; you’re going gray.

It’s not the bathroom lighting, it’s not the angle and it’s certainly not the mirror playing tricks on you. That’s your first real life gray hair staring back at you.

Disbelief turns into denial which becomes despair. With all your healthy decisions (or not) and taking care of your body (we hope), Father Time has crept up on you beacaude, despite our best efforts, we cannot stop the ageing process.

For some people, gray hairs are not as traumatic as others. Most men embrace it as they say it give them ‘silver highlights’ and makes them look distinguished. Some women choose to add a rinse to make it pop so they mature gracefully and revel in the compliments. Others do not see it as anything complimentary but rather a condition to either endure or immediately hide under a bottle of Dark and Lovely or L’Oreal.

The fact is, you can get gray hairs at any age. Indeed, you have teenagers with streaks of gray in their heads already. Premature grays are generally genetic and there is usually nothing you can do to stop it. When that first gray hair start winking at you, don’t get mad and grab your tweezers as they say if you kill the first one, twenty more will come to the funeral. Stay your hand as plucking them can actually make your hair look thinner in parts and you do not want to be both graying AND bald.

Going gray is almost like a rite of passage; a sign that you have lived, loved, laughed and experienced loss but are still standing. So whether you choose to embrace it or colour it some shade of the sunset, remember that this marks the next chapter in one’s life and should be something to smile about.