Don’t think about these things during sex

No one will ever admit it to their partner but there may have been an occasion or two when their minds drifted to the most random things during sex. To say it happened may seem like a betrayal, a sign that they were bored and just not into the person. But if they are completely honest, they may even learn that their mate might get a chuckle out of it because the same thing happened to them on occasion. After all we are human, and that makes us susceptible to the weirdest things happening at the most random times, even in the middle of doing the ‘mattress mambo’.

1. Bills: Especially if they are piling up and unpaid.

2. Work: Stresses of the job can creep in even at the most inopportune times.

3. His mother: Talk about a buzz kill.

4. Taxes: They say it is inevitable but that does not mean you need to worry about it constantly.

5. An ex: This is not a good sign especially if you have a comparison thing going.

6. The dog that is constantly barking outside: Maybe he is trying to tell you something.

7. The pain in your back: Chronic or constant pain can take away the pleasure that you may otherwise feel during the act.

8. Someone of the same sex! This is random, weird and may leave some people a bit freaked out.