Hospitalised Dr Dre agrees to pay estranged wife US$2M in temporary spousal support

Dr Dre and estranged wife, Nicole Young (Photo: La Times)

It’s been a tough week for Dr Dre who, after suffering a brain aneurysm, has now agreed to pay his estranged wife US$2 million in temporary spousal support.

Reports are that the mogul and Nicole Young reached the deal for the one-off payment, but added that he refused to pay the US$5 million she requested in attorney fees.

Previously, Nicole is said to have been demanding the attorney fees, plus US$2 million per month in spousal support.

In addition to the agreement, Dr Dre will also continue to cover his wife’s living expenses for her Malibu, California home, as well as that of her mother’s house in Pacific Palisades for the next few months. However, he won’t be paying for Young’s security.

The two are expected to continue divorce proceedings in April.

The rapper turned businessman suffered a brain aneurysm this week and was hospitalised at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, from where he reportedly signed the agreement.

He is said to be recovering from the health scare, although he remains in hospital care.