Dr. Seuss books climb Amazon’s bestseller list

Dr Suess books have soared to the top of Amazon’s bestseller list, occupying nine out of the marketplace’s top 10 books. This comes just days after Dr Seuss Enterprise announced that it will be cancelling six of the books written by the children’s author.

In the number one spot is The Cat in the Hat, followed by One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish and “Oh, the Places You’ll Go!“. But none of the books that were discontinued are on that list.

Seems like fans of the books are rushing to stack up just in case any other book gets cancelled.

But the cancelled book haven’t disappeared totally off the marketplace. On eBay, the books are selling for $4,000. On Amazon, copies of If I Ran the Zoo start at $939 and climb to $5,000. The Cat’s Quizzer can be yours for $875, or for $1,600 if you can handle a book cover with “very modest rubbing.”

One listing on eBay five of the six discontinued books for $2,500, is averaging 63 views per hour. The discontinued books became rare collectables almost instantly.