Dropping that baby weight

Mothers are always proud of their little ones’ achievements, milestones and the funny things they say. They post it all on social media and take the pictures of their adorable offsprings and share with such abandonment that sometimes we wonder where they find the time to do other stuff throughout the day.

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What many will not share however, is the fact that their bodies have not bounced back after having that bouncing baby. The images posted are all of the baby, with the occasional selfie headshot, but full-body pictures are almost as rare as a unicorn.

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As children we were socialised to clean our plates, the aim is to eat everything we were given so when we got older we ate everything in sight. It is time we take back control of our body and learn to respect it by respecting what we put in it, especially since as parents, we are no longer living just for ourselves.  

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So while that ‘snap back body’ did not materialise that is no reason two or three years later to be using the excuse of ‘baby weight’ to sum up why you never did anything about that forty extra pounds you been carrying around.

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Think about it: the baby you are referring to, is a pre-schooler now who can sing his or her ABCs and is fully potty trained. Blaming baby weight has gotten old and it is time you stop making excuses and step away from that candy bar.

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It is time to act and not just act up. Start running and not just run your mouth. Experts say that it is good to drop that weight sooner rather than later as over time it can accumulate and cause you to be overweight and may even transition to you being obese. 

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Forget about the yo-yo diets as this can have an adverse effect on you especially if you are still breastfeeding.

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Try to cut out the bunch of salty or sweet snacks by replacing them with healthy alternatives like carrot sticks, ripe bananas, oranges and tangerines or a sandwich without all the condiments and dressings that are full of calories.

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Eggs are a popular choice but if you want to go healthy, ditch the yolk and eat more of the white. This will not only cut your calorie intake but your cholesterol as well.

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Since you want to avoid that permanent tyre around your midsection, stop all that late-night heavy eating. We are programmed to feel that if we are up late working or watching TV, we need chips, dips and all that craps.  If you get the munchies at 2 am, make a fruit bowl and snack on that.

Also, cut your portion size, have more frequent, smaller meals and if you can, drink some water before you eat, as this will help you to feel fuller faster so you do not overeat.

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The last major change to make requires movement. Yes, that eight-letter word that seems so bad due to our sedimentary lifestyles. Start by walking around your neighbourhood. It doesn’t have to be far and if you invite a friend or neighbour it can be fun.

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If it is raining, then put on any one of the countless YouTube exercise videos, preferably a dance one, and start sweating your way back to your old self. Do not expect it to fall off overnight as it didn’t creep on that fast either. Have a friend hold you accountable for your food choices and write down everything you consume.