Eco-friendly ways to wrap Christmas gifts

The excitement of opening gifts during the Christmas season is one of the best feelings, but that quickly changes when everyone is finished and there is a chaotic sea of wrapping paper all over the place to clean up. There is also a feeling of guilt when you think about all the money that was spent on wrapping paper that is going to be torn up and thrown in the trash.

Living in an environmentally conscious society where our planet needs all the help it can get to stay alive, it’s important to find an eco-friendly way to do things.

BUZZ won’t leave you hanging, so here are some alternative, eco-friendly ways to wrap your gifts this season. 


Newspaper is one of the best alternative methods for wrapping gifts, especially because it’s accessible and a classical style that is aesthetically appealing. And if you think it needs more, you can add a ribbon or bow.

Newspaper is a great alternative for wrapping gifts.

Old Maps

If you have a travel fanatic friend or family member, the map is the perfect gift wrapper to use. They will appreciate it even more when they realise that you’re paying attention to the small details. 


It’s the end of the year anyway, and you’re going to throw them out either way, and we are trying to save the planet!


Do you have old pillowcases around the house that you’re about to throw out after a big Christmas cleaning? Well, save your pillowcases and turn them into gift wrappers by adding a drawstring or if you’re not that crafty use a ribbon to make a bow. Pillowcases come in handy for big gifts. 

Grab a pillowcase, add a drawstring and you have the perfect gift wrapper.

Paper Bags

We are very happy that Jamaica has banned plastic bags, and now we mostly use paper bags. The best way to recycle paper bags is to use them as a wrapping paper. Also, you could decorate the paper bag with stickers or if you’re a good artist, you could add a fancy design. 


Furoshiki is a square piece of Japanese wrapping cloth that has become increasingly popular among different cultures. There are several tutorials on YouTube and Pinterest that shows in different ways to wrap a gift using the Furoshiki. 

So, BUZZ fam, are you going to try these alternative methods? If you do, tag us on Instagram @buzzcaribbean.