Eight things you need this Christmas

Forget stocking stuffers and ugly sweaters, there are many things to stock up on that will make your Christmas holiday merry and bright. Some are practical, some whimsical, but all are sure-fire ‘must-haves’ to go through the season and have tonnes of memories and no regrets.

Some may say a few are non-essential items, but what exactly counts as non-essential nowadays? Just a few years ago a phone was considered an option, now we can nowhere without one as it has our email, contacts, diary, calculator, flashlight, music, video recorder and notepad all stored within that flat surface. Therefore, a cell phone is pretty much all in one, and if we accidentally leave it at home for the day, it is akin to leaving our leg behind.

Personalise the list

Check out the listing. You can always swap out one or more items for something else that would personalise the list to perfection for you. Happy holidays.

1. A sexy party dress. There must be at least one good party in your plans, so source something nice and flirty that screams ‘fun’.

A sexy party dress should definitely be on your list.

2. Unlimited phone credit. To call close friends and family overseas and wish them a merry Christmas and listen to them complain how cold ‘farin’ is and how much they want to come home.

3. A ride or die friend. We all need a friend that we can call last minute, no questions asked, to go with us to any event because we may need someone to hold our drinks, our hair back as we puke or hold the steering wheel.

Don’t forget your credit card. It can come in pretty handy.

4. A reliable ride. This is not the time to have an old clunker that needs servicing and a new set of tyres. If your personal car is a ride away from the junkyard, borrow your friend’s vehicle (make sure you put gas in it!), as you will need transportation to live your best life during the holidays.

5. A good credit card. While for some it takes cash to care, credit works just as well and is handier to carry around.

6. Comfortable walking shoes. When you are running around town and shopping for the holidays, there is no time to try and look cute while your feet are killing you. On top of it, Christmas traffic is no joke, so source a comfy pair of shoes to take you through the day

Traffic might be a problem, so get your walking shoes.

7. Refreshments. Because Jamaican people have a knack for turning up unannounced, you had better have a jug of sorrel in your fridge. Now if you cannot ‘draw’ it, never fear, there is a great sorrel syrup available on the market that is the ‘baddest’ thing around town and sold at all major retail outlets. One glass of it and your guests will think you are the hostess with the mostest!

8. Antihistamine. Think about it for a second. You will be eating out and even at the most proper of place, there may be ingredients not disclosed to you that you are allergic to or there can be cross-contamination of food from something as simple as re-using a spoon or a fork without properly rinsing it. It is better to be safe than sorry, so travel with medication in your purse. You can thank me later. 

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