Endangered animals being sold as pets in danger of extinction, study warns

BUZZ FAM, we don’t know why people won’t just get a dog or a cat or just something less endangered for a pet. Instead, they are buying reptile species online. But a study has found that almost four-fifths of the 3,943 reptiles sold online lack trade regulations.

As a result, endangered species are also being sold. Experts at the Chinese Academy of Sciences found that around 36 per cent of all known reptile species are sold as pets. These include the Seychelles tiger chameleon and the speckled cape tortoise, both of which are classified as endangered species.

According to the researchers, unchecked reptile trade could help push certain species into extinction.

“Reptiles have become popular pets,” paper author and conservation scientist Alice Hughes said. “They fit in well with modern lifestyles, especially in urban areas. They require low maintenance, little space and are easy to keep even if you have a busy schedule and you need to travel.”

“They have always been regarded as cool, and now they very easily accessible. We can expect this to continue to grow into the future.”

The full findings of the study were published in the journal Nature Communications