‘Enjoy the music, Koffee’, Nadine Sutherland urges Grammy winner

Reggae songstress Nadine Sutherland (Photo: Instagram @NadineSutherland)

Words can’t express how happy veteran reggae songbird Nadine Sutherland feels now that Koffee has created history by winning the prestigious Grammy award.

Sutherland, who was among the special invitees to Koffee’s post-Grammy reception at The Meca Tuesday night (Feb. 4) told BUZZ that while she beams for the 19-year-old Rapture musician, it cannot be understated how huge of a milestone it was to win over fellow nominees Third World, Steel Pulse, Sly and Robbie as well as Julian Marley to become the first woman to capture the Best Reggae Album category.

“I’m happy for her! I’m happy she broke the glass ceiling as a young female” she exclaimed.

The win serves as validation for many women in reggae and dancehall, who, over the years, despite hitting as hard as their male counterparts have routinely fallen short of the props they have so deserved.

“Women have been working steadily and making headway. Koffee is benefitting from the works of the trajectory – the Judiths, the Marcias, the Ritas, the Patras, the Diana Kings, the Nadine Sutherlands, of course. She has benefitted from years of hard work, sometimes being sidelined because of our gender,” she told BUZZ.

“I hope this will continue in the mindsets where women are concerned,” Sutherland added.

As the anticipation builds to the follow-up to Koffee’s critically acclaimed Rapture EP, Sutherland hopes that the Raggamuffin singjay doesn’t allow herself to get swallowed by the weight of great expectations.

“I hope she approaches it from a perspective of creativity and love. Unfortunately, when you have such a massive hit, the expectations are always there for you to reproduce another [project] and sometimes if your head gets caught up in that – you will lose focus on the creativity aspect,” she asserted.

As seen time and time again, Koffee enjoys her journey in music and as such the Action singer told BUZZ she hopes that youthful exuberance follows her the whole way through.

Koffee (Photo: Destinee Condison/BUZZ)

“I pray that she will still enjoy her music. Don’t feel pressured; you see that gaiety and youthfulness? She wasn’t worried about the Grammy. She wasn’t worried about anything. She was enjoying doing music,” Sutherland said.

“I’ve been there before, you [do] feel the pressure, so I pray she sits in a space and just enjoys making music and don’t get sucked into the expectations,” she told BUZZ.