Enough! Villagers erect a roadside toilet for Amazon bus drivers who kept defecating on their streets

For over two years, residents of Hoo Kent village in the UK had a messy situation on their hands. Amazon bus drivers who frequent through their village would just defecate on their streets next to vehicles.

After two years of dealing with this- they found a solution. The villagers erected a toilet on the street, complete with a roll of tissue. While it is more for protest than actual use- the villagers believe it fully represents their frustration.

Residents have even had to stop going for walks as they say it’s common to come across faeces and toilet paper on the ground.

Spar shop manager Kim Hazelwood told Daily Mail that she hopes they get the message.

“Sometimes there are lorries everywhere you look and what they leave behind really isn’t nice. Everyone’s fed up with the situation but it just doesn’t get any better.'”