Entertainer Queenie invites fans to watch her wedding today on YouTube

Jamaican entertainer Queenie is set to walk down the beachy aisle of Hellshire today to wed her 2020 boo, Dwayne ‘Dowey’ Scarlett.

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The Double Tap deejay is inviting fans to watch the event on her YouTube vlog channel at 5pm.

“The day is finally here,” she said in a video post today. “I’m not gonna cry, I’m just gonna make the best of life. And ladies, as Queenie tell unno, all women must get married; it’s a lovely, beautiful feeling… All who wanna tune in to the royal celebrity wedding you have to come on YouTube, ‘Queen Ladi Gangsta’ YouTube – not Vevo. Vevo is my music channel.” 

She spoke while sitting under a hairdryer at a salon in Half-Way Tree, Kingston. Also in the salon was her soon-to-be husband, who actually celebrates his birthday today. 

She sang a “wedding edition” of the birthday song to her young boo, but some folks couldn’t help but notice that the pair defied a popular wedding tradition.

“Suh mi nuh think the groom and bride not supposed to see each other till the wedding?” someone asked. 

But the couple hasn’t exactly gone by tradition throughout their relationship, so it’s not entirely surprising. 

Queenie also shouted out her five children during the video, but didn’t state if they were in Jamaica for the affair.

Scarlett also shared his excitement on his social media, posting, “The royal wedding is on not even jps can lock off fi wi service… I’m the happiest man on the earth right nw.”

He also announced that he’ll be premiering his song Days of My Life at 4pm with an accompanying music video that stars his spouse.