‘Every day is a real struggle’: Dahlia Harris says COVID-19 has affected creative industry

Media personality and actress Dahlia Harris says the COVID-19 pandemic has negatively affected Jamaica’s creative industry.

Dahlia Harris says the creative industry has felt the wrath of COVID-19. (Photo: Instagram – Dahlia Harris)

In a Twitter post on Wednesday, Harris said that she, too, has had her fair share of struggles during the pandemic, which started affecting Jamaica several months ago.

“I think people don’t get how Covid19 has ripped at the heart of the Creative industry,” she said.

“Well let me speak to theatre, comedy, hosting…my main income streams. Every day is a real struggle. Please stop approaching us to work and say you no have it. We no have it either.”

Many of her followers chimed in, agreeing with her point. They also added that many people are clueless about the real struggles being faced by those in the creative industry.

Meanwhile, Harris, who is a host on TVJ’s Smile Jamaica, is gearing up for the November premiere of her TV series Love and Dancehall, which is an adaption of her play ‘The Case of the Ex’.

Ring Games and Thicker Than Water are two of the TV series that the actress has done in the past.