Every woman should know to do these for herself

You cannot count yourself as an independent woman if other people have to take care of you. Yes, having coins is great, but coinage alone does not make you self-sufficient. Over the last 40 years or so, women have moved from being great at taking care of themselves and their families to boldly stating that they have helpers to do all chores that they consider to be too burdensome, menial or ‘beneath them’. And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with hiring someone who is competent to do certain tasks, one should at least know how it is done so they can know when a good job is completed. Otherwise, you run the risk of having people taking advantage of your ignorance. 

Check out a list of things that every woman should be able to do for herself below and tell us if you agree:

1. Cook

That way no man will ever be rude to you, and no helper or side chick can steal your man away with food.

2. Make your own money

Be a boss babe who can take care of your own financial needs, so you are an asset and not a liability.

3. Pump your own gas

And do it in heels too.

4. Clean your house

That way, even if you choose not to do it yourself, no one can pull the wool over your eyes by doing the bare minimum while thinking you will not notice.

5. Change a flat tyre

Once you have your lug and your jack it is all systems go. 

6. Your make- up

 Learn to do the basics so that when you show up, you show out.

7. Drive

While it is nice to simply be a passenger sometimes, the ability to get yourself from point A to B without help is critical.