Everybody except Santa! Belgium exempt Santa Claus from COVID-19 rules

Don’t worry kids, Santa will still be able to deliver your presents this Christmas, at least in Belgium.

Belgium’s health minister, Frank Vandenbroucke, has decreed that the one who brings good cheer will be able to work will be able to defy quarantine rules and work during the holiday season.

He relayed the good news to Santa in the form of a letter:

“As you know, dear St. Nicholas, Spain is in code red. According to the rules, you should therefore stay a few days in quarantine here when you arrive,” Vandenbroucke wrote in a letter published in French-language newspaper Le Soir.

“However, since we know that you have no time to lose, and that you need every hour to prepare gifts for each child, we have decided to make an exception,” the minister wrote, noting that the 17-day boat trip from Spain would count as “more than enough of a quarantine” in this case.

Every year on December six, Belgian children wake up and rush to see if St. Nicholas, or Sinterklaas, as he is known in Flemish-speaking parts of the country, has left presents for them. In some parts of Belgium, tradition has it that St. Nicholas arrives by boat from Spain, and delivers gifts on the evening of December 5.