EWW! The germiest places/items in your home

The kitchen has some of the most germ-prone areas in a home.

Can you feel it watching you? Bacteria can be any and everywhere and is totally invisible to the naked eye. It’s bad enough that we have to deal with the deadly COVID virus but to top it off, we also have to be mindful of harmful bacteria that can be on surfaces and things we touch daily without us even realising it.

Below are 10 of the most germ-filled places and things in your home:

1.  Kitchen counter: From meats to ground foods, your everyday preparation routine may not only leave a lot to be desire but leave some e-coli around too.

That kitchen sink needs special care, all the time. Don’t be caught napping.

2. Cutting board: Ideally, you should have separate ones for meats and then other foods. Most people do not clean them thoroughly so a little hot water goes a long way in cleansing.

3. Refrigerator: Think of all you cram into it and how often you clean it properly. It is an infestation hub for sure.

4. The sink: Just because you do not have a sink full of dirty dishes does not mean it is actually clean.

5. Stove: Sauces, gravy and all different types of things get onto your stove and below the pretty top that you see and the build-up can be quite disgusting.

6. Microwave buttons: You push them with your fingers full of food all the time.

7. Light switches: You flick them with dirty hands and do not even bat an eyelid.

Towels should be changed often as germs can linger and be transferred through use.

8. Doorknob: A safe harbour for bacteria.

9. Bath towels: Most people know that the toilet bowl or the shower/tub can get grimy. What they do not know is that the towel it itself should be changed often.

10. Toothbrush! Keep it covered, but clean it thoroughly after use and change it often.