Experience the breadbasket parish of St Elizabeth


One of the bread basket’s most famous and magnificent sights is Bamboo Avenue, in the Holland area of St. Elizabeth. Bamboo Avenue is a two-and-a-half-mile stretch of road between Lacovia and Middle Quarters which is lined with towering bamboo plants that form a shady tunnel. The avenue was established in the 17th century by the owners of the Holland Estate to provide shade for travellers and to protect the road from erosion. It is one of the most photographed areas in Jamaica.


Want to experience the perfect getaway from it all? Then try Pelican Bar. The rustic wooden bar is built on a sandbank a quarter of a mile out to sea. It is halfway between Black River and Treasure Beach. You can spend a lazy day at the Pelican, sunbathing, having a beer or two, swim in the shallow waters, eat fried fish or just bring your fishing gear to catch your own dinner!


You cannot visit the parish and not enjoy somewhere romantic with mystique and adventure. We speak of the legendary Lovers’ Leap. The beautiful spot appears where the Santa Cruz Mountains come to an abrupt end at Jamaica’s south coast. This breathtaking hangout provides an unbelievable vantage point to look for miles out to the Caribbean Sea. The view stretches as far as Rocky Point, Clarendon to the East and to Treasure Beach in the West.


The small community of Middle Quarters, on the outskirts of the capital Black River, is renowned for one thing – “Pepper Shrimp”. Groups of sellers adorn the roadway tempting travellers with bags of bright red spicy pepper shrimp. From their simple stalls small baskets or bowls they offer one of the tastiest snacks available on the island.


Jack Sprat Restaurant could be described as the perfect beachside restaurant. Its dining spot is adorned with battered Appleton rum signs, black and white potatoes, and an old jukebox.

This relaxing scenic eatery features vintage reggae posters and a lively bar scene that spills onto the tree-shaded patio and garden area. With tables under sea-grape trees and a sandy path down to the beach, this is the perfect place for a relaxed meal.