Face shields aren’t a replacement for masks

Since the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), many people have taken to wearing face shields as an alternative to masks. Those people could be making a fatal error.

The wearing of masks is still the best way to prevent transmission of the coronavirus.
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Face shields are not a substitute for masks, say health authorities, as there is little research to support that it will keep an infected person from spreading viral droplets to others.

However, the plastic barriers can give you an added measure of protection as it prevents you from touching your face and possibly transmitting the virus from your hands.

When worn with a mask, face shields can provided added protection as they deter the wearer from touching their face.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said the best face shields are those that are hooded or wrap around the sides and bottom of the face as they leave less space for droplets from talking, sneezing and coughing to escape.

But remember, the face shield, while stylish for some, must still be cleaned like you would a mask. Wash your hands before and after removing it and don’t touch your face in the process.