Facebook officially merges Messenger and Instagram Direct Messages

(Photo: Apple Insider)

BUZZ Fam, now you can switch easily between Facebook Messenger and Direct Messages as the social media giant will be merging the two into a unified system.

The update will include more than 10 new features including stickers, Watch Together, and a vanish mode that allows users to set messages to automatically disappear after they are seen.

And guess what? Even if you are not on Instagram you can communicate with people there without downloading the app, and vice versa.

Now we know Facebook has been working on this integration since 2019 when it unveiled plans to merge Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messages, and WhatsApp.

“We’re connecting the Messenger and Instagram experience to bring some of the best Messenger features to Instagram – so you have access to the best messaging experience, no matter which app you use,” Facebook said.

The merge was rolled out last month to a few users, but now every Instagram user can update the app for access.