Faking it? Most men don’t care

Put a smile on his face and he’s fine with whatever physical attributes you’re seemingly hung up on.

Truth be told, most men are not as hung up on material things as women are. They are more laid-back and attuned to living their best life, unbothered by the opinions of people.

Some believe men are hardwired to concentrate on one task at a time and everything else is trivial in comparison. They zone out and concentrate on what they are socialised to think is important, to the exclusions of many things women tend to obsess about. Of course, there are exceptions to the general rule as you do have some men who are very particular about everything but fortunately the majority of the species just want to be fed, frolicked, financed and listened to on occasion.

You just spent all that time getting your nails done…and for what?

This attitude may carry over to other areas of their lives including how they perceived certain things. If it looks good, they are generally okay with it and therefore, so should you:

1. Jewellery: If it looks nice, that’s enough. They’re not fussy.

2. Teeth: Nice, but not perfect. Just keep ‘em clean.

3. Nails: You just spent two hours getting them done and he’ll never notice.

4. Boobs:  That is one pair of items men do not complain about as long as it is perky.

5. Designer body: Give them a flat stomach and big derriere and they are all happy campers.

6.  Hair colour/extensions: Generally men do not offer an opinion on a woman’s hair as long as it does not look like a clown’s wig.