Family of 12 has highest combined age at over 1,042 years!

The D’Cruz family has a collective age of 1,042 years and 315 days, making it the oldest, according to the Guinness World Records.

The D’Cruz family, consisting of 12 siblings, now holds the Guinness World Record for oldest combined age.

The family of 12 siblings, with the oldest at 97 and the youngest at 75, saw its record confirmed by the organisation on December 15.

Their names and birth dates are as follows: Doreen (September 3, 1923), Patrick (September 30, 1925), Genevieve (July 4, 1927), Joyce (March 2, 1929), Ronnie (August 24, 1930), Beryl (August 26, 1932), Joe (June 1, 1934), Francesca (September 17, 1936), Althea (July 27, 1938), Teresa (June 9, 1940), Rosemarie (March 30, 1943), and Eugenia (October 24, 1945).

The siblings, who all share the same parents, were born in Pakistan but have now migrated to all over the including Canada, London, Switzerland, and the US.

“Though they do not live in the same place, the D’Cruz’s say they are a close family who count achieving the Guinness World Records title as one of the great highlights of their lives,” said a statement from Guinness.