Fans pour out for Peter Tosh diamond jubilee music festival

Fans flooded the Pulse Centre at 3A Trafalgar Road, New Kingston on October 19 to celebrate the late cultural and music icon, Peter Tosh, at his annual Music Festiva.

“We wanted to ensure that everybody has an opportunity to enjoy the show”

— Akayda Tosh, granddaughter of Peter Tosh

The music festival commemorates Peter Tosh’s diamond jubilee – his 75th birthday. The event reflects on his contributions, legacy and achievements through some of Jamaica’s best musicians and entertainment.

The music festival is now into its fourth staging and has done the unprecedented since its existence, where, for the first time the public is able to enter the event free once a ticket was presented.

Akayda Tosh, 32, one of the granddaughters of Peter Tosh who was integral in the planning process of the event, shared with us that the Tosh family wanted to make the event more accessible to the public.

“This year is the first year that the event is free and we wanted to make sure that it was open to everyone, even though we have a ticketing system and the event is at its capacity, we wanted to ensure that everybody has an opportunity to enjoy the show,” she told BUZZ.

“That is why this year is a little different for us, we are not only celebrating his 75th birthday, but we decided to do a free event,” she added.

Speaking with his daughter, Niambe Tosh, 38, she says they are thrilled to have the event opened to the public allowing more persons a chance to indulge and celebrate with them.

“This year we are celebrating my father’s earth strong and this is the fourth year that the Peter Tosh museum is hosting the event. It’s a free event this year and we are excited to have it a lot more accessible to the community…. Its going to be a night to remember,” she said.

One enthused supporter of the Tosh brand, Jahmexi, told us she’s happy that the Tosh family had made the event free, as it allows those who are financially constrained access to the space.

“I am glad that they put on this free event so that the true fans who would might be financially challenged are able to come and enjoy themselves,” she said.

The event saw performances from his son Andrew Tosh; Kymani Marley; Bushman; Duane Stephenson; Warrior King; Richie Spice; Ken Boothe and Samory I.