Father-son duo taking exotic Jamaican wines across the world

Stredic Thompson (left) and his son, Matthew are at the helm of Journey’s End Wines. (Photos: Dennis Brown)

In 2018, Stredic Thompson bought a company from a returning Jamaican couple, deciding he’d pursue his passion for making wines. These days, he and his son, Matthew, are surprising taste buds with their amazing line of fine wines.

“We love the quality and look Journey’s End produces, and we said we would take this brand and make it an international brand,” said Stredic Thompson, who is the managing director of Journey’s End Wines.

All 10 variations of Jamaica-made Flavour of the Past wines. (Photo: Dennis Brown)

Since their journey began, the pair has been moving full-steam ahead to boost the local perception of quality-made wines under the brand Flavours of the Past.

“Wine is something that is very palatable, and there was something else that attracted us to wine,” Thompson told BUZZ. “Jamaica has a national dish, a national fruit – there’s no national wine, and we thought Flavours of the Past could become the national wine.”

Journey’s End is a unique skillset wherein we make the finest wine from Jamaican fruit,

— Stredic Thompson

Flavours of the Past now has 10 flavours – soursop, honey-orange, ackee, pimento berry, pineapple, passion fruit, ginger, sorrel, noni and sugarcane.

Thompson told BUZZ that new flavours will be rolled out in the coming months.

“Moringa wine will be launched in another few months. There are other ideas we have: starfruit, mango, otaheite apple. We can be as creative as we want with wines,” he said.

See our gallery below with the full product line!

When asked what separates Journey’s End from other local wine manufacturers, Thompson’s answer was simple – quality and authenticity.

“Our wines are uniquely hand-crafted for the market. We ensure that there is consistency in quality and taste. It is made from genuine Jamaican fruits we purchase or use from our farm. Our process is solid from beginning to the end,” Thompson told BUZZ.

“Journey’s End is a unique skillset wherein we make the finest wine from Jamaican fruits. As long as it’s a fruit grown in Jamaica, we can find a way to make the best wine there is from it.”

A man of procedure: Stredic Thompson show the BUZZ team a container with sorrel being fermented. (Photo: Dennis Brown)

While the quality is maintained, Flavours of the Past’s line is surprisingly affordable – retailing from $2,000 for the 700ml, to around $400 for the 150ml varieties.

As Thompson gave BUZZ a tour of their Flavours of the Past winery on Duke Street, downtown Kingston, he explained that each fruit goes through an intricate cooking, fermentation, triple filtration, cooling, heating, bottling and labelling process before filling shelves at several major supermarket chains and the airports in Kingston and Montego Bay.

“We find that in the airports we do extremely well because people want that connection to Jamaica. To taste a piece, that flavour of Jamaica and that’s what we provide,” he told BUZZ.

“Persons are always blown away when they taste our wines and they often say: ‘Is this really made in Jamaica?’. I’ve heard it so many times, and I immediately say: ‘Right here in Jamaica is where it is made’.”

Father-son duo Stredic Thompson (right) and Matthew Thompson leading the charge to push quality-made, exotic Jamaican wines internationally. (Photo: Dennis Brown)

Thompson, through Journey’s End, wants to launch the island as a premier destination for fine wine connoisseurs.

“We want it to be an international brand. When you think of Jamaica, we want it to be synonymous with Flavours of the Past wines,” he told BUZZ, adding that the aim is to enter the European and North American markets.

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