Feel the burn! 2020 could be hottest year on record

We felt it and now the United Nations has confirmed that it was a sweltering year.

In this Saturday, Sept. 5, 2020 photo, people crowd the beach in Huntington Beach, California, as the state swelters under a heat wave. (AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

The global body, in its provisional annual State of the Globe Climate Report, said 2020is heading towards being one of the three hottest years ever recorded, maybe even the hottest.

Currently, the year could end up being the second warmest, but the differences among the top three are so small that it would be known with certainty until the final data is in.

However, what is certain is that the world is having an extended period of hot weather, with the past six years being the hottest ever since modern recordkeeping began in 1850.

Even with the coronavirus pandemic, which saw many of the world’s largest polluters shutter industries which reduced pollutants, the overall effects on the atmosphere were negligible, as the UN says CO2 emissions, which contribute to the globe’s warming, remain in the atmosphere for centuries.

The final report will be published in March 2021.