Finding love in your thirties is hard

BUZZ Fam, if you’re already in your thirties, and still haven’t found ‘the one’, bad news Fam, it’s not going to get any easier.

And this is coming from singletons all over the world. They revealed their frustrations with dating in their thirties in an anonymous thread shared on Whisper, the anonymous social media.

And from what we saw, if you’re still in your twenties, and hope to find love one day, then we advise you to get on it, before the thirsty thirties hit.

If you still don’t believe me, then let’s see if these responses can convince you.

“Dating in your thirties is rough, you’re just waiting for the good ones to get divorced.”

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“Dating in your thirties is like going to the grocery store at midnight before they’ve restocked. All the good stuff is gone and everything else is picked over and damaged.”

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“Early thirties dating pool: shallower, dirties, judgmental, and packed with unwanted baggage. However by mid thirties t goes with the flow.”

“Once you’re 30 plus, the tables turn in dating. Men will be looking for younger women, and women in their 30s will realize they’re losing their looks and will settle on many occasions.”

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“Dating in my thirties is like finding Neverland. Good men are married, single, gay, dead.”

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“In your thirties, every girl treats a date as a job interview. The pressure is on.”

“Dating in your thirties is like trying to find the least broken appliance in a thrift store.”

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Have you found ‘the one’ yet BUZZ Fam?