Finding out your co-worker has a bigger one…

So you both have the same job title, role and description yet still it seems you are more dedicated while your co-worker finds every excuse and means to do the least when the boss is not looking.

They come late and leave early and you try to mind your business but their laziness and inefficiency impacts your own job. You get annoyed and let them know exactly what you think about their work ethic or the lack thereof. To say there is tension would be an understatement but since you ‘accidentally’ came across some files on your boss’ desk, you want to know why a poor employee is being treated with kids’ gloves while you slave away.

There are a few things that you could have discovered that would definitely set you off:

1. Salary: Maybe he/she was just a better negotiator when he was being interviewed.

2. Office: If you still have a cubicle while he gets a small corner one with a view and an actual door, you have grounds to be jealous.

3. Opportunity for promotion: If they are going up the ladder faster than you, check to see if your rungs are shaky. 

4. Retirement package: Ensure that your contract was signed and sealed in all the right spots.

5. Company car: If you are driving a Nissan and he/she has a Porsche, head to human resources immediately

6. IQ: Well…there is not much anyone can do about that.