Finland to jail men who send unsolicited ‘d**k pics’

Unsolicited-d**k pics- BUZZ Caribbean
Finland to jail men who send unsolicited d**k pics (Photo: New York Post)

Ladies, let’s all move to Finland. Because there, if a man sends you an unsolicited d**k pic, he could go to jail. Yes, you read that right.

Under new laws being proposed in Finland, men who send unsolicited ‘d**k pics’ could be jailed for up to six months.

Currently, in Finnish law, an offense is only considered to be sexual harassment if it involves physical touching. But Ministers want to amend the country’s sexual harassment laws to include sending explicit images, along with verbal and text harassment.

The new law could be submitted, ‘sometime next year’. It will then be put to parliament for a vote, according to Sami Kiriakos, from Finland’s justice ministry.

Kiriakos said the decision to make this practice unlawful was based on research on the prevalence of sexual harassment online.

“The studies based on questionnaires show that sexual harassment is quite common and that the victims of this type of behaviour are most often female, so it is very relevant to consider how it should be dealt with in law,” Kiriakos said.