Firefox launches tool to combat internet bullying

This has to be one of the best inventions right now. BUZZ Fam, internet giant Mozilla, which operates the Firefox browser is combatting internet trolls.

The company has launched an online tool that automatically swaps sexist and derogatory terms for the word ‘boss’. 

The system – called B**ch to Boss – can be enabled on the Firefox browser and highlights sexist abuse online. 

Pictured, a  Twitter search for a derogatory word often used to undermine women online. Words in bold have been automatically converted
How the app works (Photo:

‘B**ch to Boss finds and replaces all instances of derogatory words like ‘b**ch,’ ‘slut,’ and ‘nasty woman’ to simply read ‘boss’ across the web. 

Mozilla hopes the feature can raise awareness of the social media abuse faced by many women and minority groups.

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Mozilla said in a statement alongside the release of the plug-in: ‘A person’s gender, age, race, or sexual orientation (or any personal characteristic) shouldn’t determine their access, opportunities, or quality of experience online. And yet . . . here we are.