First black astronaut joins int’l space station for extended stay

Victor Glover has become the first full-time black crew member on the International Space Station.

Victor Glover has become the first black person to spend an extended period on the international space station.

Glover, 44, was one of four astronauts that boarded the SpaceX Crew Dragon which launched for the space station on Sunday.

More than a dozen black astronauts have travelled to the space station since the first, Guion Bluford, did so in 1983 however, none have lived and worked there for an extended period, which 200 others have done in the past two decades.

Glover has three master’s degrees from various engineering programmes and has piloted more than 40 types of aircraft, but this mission is his first ever in space.

He was chosen for the NASA astronaut corps in 2013 while working for a US senator.