World’s first anti-bacterial smartphone invented

(Photo: Good housing keepinhg)

Bullitt has invented the phone that is perfect for germophobes everywhere. It’s called the CAT S42 and it’s the world’s first anti-bacterial phone. According to the company, the phone is tough, durable, and versatile.  

The phone works by combating bacterial spread thanks to silver ions embedded in the handset’s materials during the manufacturing process. This stops the spread and multiplication of pathogens.

By stopping microbes from replicating, their numbers naturally dwindle. Bullitt claims the ‘Biomaster active antimicrobial agent’ reduces the number of bacteria by 80 per cent within 15 minutes and 99.9 per cent within 24 hours.  

The device is completely waterproof and should be regularly washed with soaps and water, sanitisers, and even bleach to keep it clean.  

“This is vital for those among our customers working within a health or social care setting, and those visiting multiple sites for their job,” Peter Cunningham, Vice President at Bullitt Group said.

For US$304 one of these phones could be yours. However, models equipped with the Biomaster antimicrobial technology will not be available until early 2021.