First-ever space selfie going up for auction

If you’re interested in getting your hands on the very first selfie taken in space, then here’s your chance.

The ‘space selfie’, which was taken by Buzz Aldrin, could be yours for between US$39,600 to US$66,000 at an auction being put on by British auction house Christie’s.

It’s included in a collection of 2,400-photo called Voyage to Another World collection. The collection includes the first images of the Earth from space, the lunar surface, the dark side of the moon, spacewalks, and moonwalks, according to a press release from the auction house.

“This is probably humanity’s greatest creative and ingenious achievement, landing a man safely on the surface of the moon and bringing him back to Earth,” James Hyslop, head of science and natural history at Christie’s in London said. “Looking at some of these images, you can really be transported to the surface of the moon.”