First look! Nike’s new sneakers don’t require hands to put on

If you’re like me, shoes are removed by using one foot to kick the boot off another.

The Nike Go Flyease

Well, Nike has designed a pair of shoes for people who can’t put them on without assistance (or who are just lazy).

The Go Flyease is the brand’s first lace-less sneakers and can be put on or removed with little effort and without hands.

It’s perfect for a pandemic world where many people are trying to avoid touching anything that could carry germs.

Among the sneakers’ features is a tension band that secures the shoe in place of laces. Putting ‘em on is as simple as stepping into it so that it snaps into place, and when removing them, just step on the heel.

The shoes will retail for US$120 when they go on sale to subscribers of Nike’s membership programme on February 15. It will be come available to the public later this year.