Fitbit may soon join Google’s Alphabet

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, may soon add another company to its roster if recent news is true.

This news surrounds a planned acquisition of wearables maker, Fitbit, which could become the latest in a line of high profile purchases by the tech conglomerate. 

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Rumours are that Alphabet has made an offer but they are not certain it will lead to an agreement. It is certain, however, that other wearables makers are watching it with intense scrutiny including Apple and Samsung, who’ve received intense competition from the fitness tech manufacturer.

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Since the news broke, shares in Fitbit have risen over 20% while shares in Alphabet have also seen an upturn.

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This acquisition could fit perfectly into Google’s offerings, by giving them the means to create a partner for its Pixel line of phones. They already provide Wear OS for third parties but not much internal hardware.

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So far, neither company has commented on news of the potential acquisition.

We’ll keep this one on our radar BUZZ fam.